Cedar Wood Is Used for a Variety of Applications

Cedar wood is used by different industries for a variety of applications and purposes. This wood is a popular choice used to manufacture furniture pieces, including dining room tables, end tables, chests and foot lockers. Cedar is also used by construction companies to build homes because of the durability of the wood to resist shock and provide structural stability. Roofers use cedar and have the wood cut into cedar shingles to give homes a natural-looking appearance. Cedar has natural protections when the heartwood is used, which contains extractives toxic to decay-causing fungi. However, cedar may be finished using clear coat stains to supply an additional layer of protection.

Cedar Wood Is Available in Different Colors

Depending on what part of the tree it came from, cedar wood varies in color. Cedar often has a thin layer of sapwood that is light brown or cream in color when it comes from the exterior of the tree. The traditional red to deep reddish brown color of cedar comes from the heartwood and frequently also includes accents of tight knots in its appearance. Whenever you are selecting cedar for your projects, you should make sure to use similarly colored pieces. You would not necessarily want to use a combination of the heartwood with the light brown or cream colored cedar, as it creates a contrast between the colors. However, you might want to use one color as the primary one and use the other one as an accent. For example, you could build your deck out of the heartwood and use the light brown or cream-colored cedar along the top of railings.