Angelim Pedra Decking

Angelim Pedra is an excellent choice for decking projects. It is a popular Brazilian hardwood that especially complements Cedar wood accents. ABS carries Angelim Pedra lumber on occasion, and it may be available upon request. Please contact one of our experts today for assistance.

Angelim Pedra Decking

Angelim Pedra Decking Specifications

More than twice as hard as oak, Angelim Pedra is an incredibly reliable wood that can stand the test of time. Angelim Pedra is also known as Angelim da Terra, Caramate, Mirarema, Sapupira Amarela and several other names. Angelim Pedra is known for its easy workability, rugged durability and wonderful aesthetic appeal. Angelim Pedra wood is also completely biodegradable, making this lumber a great choice for the environment.

Angelim Pedra Characteristics

Thanks to a combination of this wood’s high density and relatively low moisture content, this durable Brazilian hardwood is engineered by nature to last for decades. Also, unlike other woods, Angelim Pedra wood has minimal shrinkage.


Angelim Pedra Hardwood Color

The color of Brazilian Angelim Pedra changes between the sapwood and the heartwood, giving it an appearance that you simply can’t find in many other decking lumber. The heartwood is typically a soft brown but may contain hues of light orange or even tan.  You will often see a light brown, earthy color that looks absolutely amazing when coupled with cedar.

Angelim Pedra Decking Hardness

When compared to other types of wood according to the Janka hardness scale, Brazilian Angelim Pedra is at the top of the list. While Hard Maple has a Janka hardness rating of 1450 lbf and Oak is around 1360 lbf, Angelim Pedra’s is estimated to be over twice as durable with a hardness rating of 3040 lbf.

Angelim Pedra Decking Durability

Naturally resistant to termites, Angelim Pedra is an ideal wood to use in a myriad of construction projects. The beautiful hardwood is renowned for its ability to resist both termites and various forms of fungi, ensuring a hardy lifespan of 25 years or more. For those who would like to ensure their deck or other construction project will hold its own against the elements, Angelim Pedra wood is among the best options available.

Angelim Pedra Hardwood Preservation

Once construction of your deck, porch or other project is completed, no preservation is needed. However, applying a finish to Angelim Pedra wood is recommended to help block UV rays which may cause color loss over time.

Angelim Pedra  Characteristics Brazilian Angelim Pedra hard wood – RealAngelim – decking is a high-density wood, with a low moisture content. Since the timber is heavy and very hard, the shrinkage is slight. Brazilian Apitong – RealAngelim – has no distinctive odor. 
Color Brazilian Angelim Pedra – RealAngelim – heartwood is a light peach brown, while the sapwood is a pale brown. The grain of this wood is crisscross, and the texture is coarse and uneven with wide ribbon grains.
Hardness Janka hardness: 3040 lb – harder than Hard Maple (Janka 1450) and Oak (Janka 1360)
Durability The heartwood of Brazilian Angelim Pedra hard wood decking is very durable and resistant to both fungi and termites.
Preservation None Necessary!  A finish with UV blocking will retain the beautiful cedar color.