Teak from Asia

We have Burmese Teak in Stock!

Teak, a beautiful wood from Tropical Asia. Our teak is rough come in rough cut sizes and lengths. We sell it as such or milled to your specification. Teak’s easy workability and beautiful grain make it a very desirable wood. It has outstanding resistance to decay and rot. Teak is one of the most desirable woods in the world.

Teak Characteristics: Teak trees grow to 100 feet or more. They have a trunk of 3-5 feet. The grain tends to be straight with occasional waves. When freshly cut, it can feel greasy as teak has natural oils. Teak is one of the more well-known woods. Anyone near the water has seen Teak in boats. The wood on decks, railing, and accessories is usually Teak. Additionally, it is used in furniture, carvings and small wood objects. As such, almost everyone is familiar with it.

Teak Color: The color is a golden brown. It will tend to darken with age but is still beautiful. If you do nothing to teak, it will weather to a silver hue. To maintain the color is easy with yearly maintenance.

Teak Hardness: Teak’s Janka or hardness is 1070lb. This is close to Oak.

Teak Durability: Teak is very decay resistant. It will confound Termites. Not resistant to marine boarers and pine beetles. But, they will usually gnaw something a little softer like a nearby Pine. It is an oily wood that helps protect it. It is resistant to mold, rot, insects, mildew and other environmental concerns.

Teak Legality: There is a lot of teak on the market from India and China that may be illegal. Our Teak is all legal and conforms to the US Lacey act.

Teak Sustainability: Teak is not on the CITES as a Threatened Species. Teak is wood so it unlike plastics and composites it will decompose after its useful life.

ABS Wood Stack of Teak lumber