Deck Cleaning

Photo Journey

We have been asked many times how to use deck Cleaner. To answer, we took photos of a grayed deck and used the Flood product line to see how it would rejuvenate the decking.

gray Ipe before cleaningGray Deck Sample: This decking has never been treated with finisher. It was purposely left out in the sun so we could demonstrate.

Photo: Before picture of Decking
We have used 3 different types of cleaners and they all work similarly.  They all have oxalic acid in them.

Ipe Scrubbing to get rid of Gray

Spray cleaner on boards after wetting with water.
All products warn to “Be sure the decking stays wet” when applying cleaner
Scrub the deck boards with the grain of the wood. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Allow the deck to dry for at least a day or two in good weather before applying any stain or finish.

Gray Ipe after Cleaning
After Photo

The gray washes away leaving a clean deck ready for finish.
Notice that although the gray has been washed away, the pigment of the decking is washed and bleached out of the boards. This is a natural occurrence since pigment washes out of wood

Ipe Gray with Finisher
After Brightener Cleaner with Flood Natural finish

Check out this before and after photo. You cannot believe it is the same decking.
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