Ipe Decking Spacers

deck-owl-smallcatalogue-100hLong planned and well thought out. Deck spacing is a frequent question from our customers. To meet this need, the people at Deckwise created these easy to use color coded spacer that are designed to meet your needs. The addition of colors is very important as it saves time looking and reduces fumbling.
Deck Spacers special Deckwise™ design prevents marring or denting of your beautiful Brazilian hardwood or composite deck.
space-blueDeck spacer

  • All Deck Spacers have the following characteristics’
  • Color coded – much easier to use than the generic disposable brands
  • Easy to grasp handles
  • Easy to store as each has its own loop
  • Most importantly, Deck Spacers by Deckwise™ are easy to use


1/8" 6 Pack
5/32" 6 Pack
13/64" 6 Pack
1/4" 6 Pack
5/16" 6 Pack
20 pack including 4 of each size