How to Stack your Ipe and prepare for your installation

ipe acclimation stackingWhen you decking arrives you want to stack it close to your job and allow it to acclimate. The acclimation time allows your Ipe or Brazilian Hardwood to adjust to temperature and humidity prior to installation. This can take anywhere from a week to two. Check with us on the difference between our warehouse and your jobsite.

You want to stack your ipe or garapa straight. This is especially true of Cumaru and Massaranduba. DO NOT allow your board to lie at an angle or anything but straight. All wood if not stacked can take on the angle or curve they are lying in. This is especially true of Cumaru and Massaranduba.

The best method is to lay 2x4s in periodic spacing about every 3 feet. Then carefully place your deck boards atop them. When you place about 5 or 6 rows place more 2x4s to stabilize the entire stack.
Cupping: BE SURE NOT to allow moisture to accumulate beneath your decking. This can happen if you stack decking overnight on the grass. If you do that your boards will cup.

Rain: If your boards are outside and you expect rain, cover your deck boards. If water reaches the boards it will wick between them and cause your boars to cup.

After Installation, you deck will be fine. You just need to be careful during storage of your Ipe in preparation for the installation.