Poplar is a common wood used in the construction industry. It is a utility wood used from pallets to plywood. It is cheap and affordably priced. It is grown in the Eastern US.

Poplar Characteristics: Little to no knots, it is typically straight uniform grain. It is very easy to work. The softness of poplar is sometimes considered a problem. It is a low density wood that can be fuzzy when sanded or worked. You need to use a fine sandpaper to achieve a clean finish. It is not a good wood where high use or wear is anticipated.

Poplar uses: moldings and trims, painted furniture and furniture frames, plywood, crates, pallets, picture frames and so forth.

Poplar color: It is light white to cream to yellowish brown. The sapwood and heartwood are not always clearly demarcated. The colors will darken with exposure to light.

Poplar Hardness: It has a Janka or standard hardness of 540lb or less than half that of Oak.

Poplar Durability: Not durable and subject to insect attack.

Poplar Sustainability: not listed in CITES as Threatened. It is a fast growing tree.