FSC® Ipe Decking

FSC or the Forest Stewardship Council®. We have access and sell FSC Ipe and other exotic hardwoods. When you buy FSC from us, you are assured full Chain of Custody Ipe.

Who is FSC or Forest Stewardship Council? The Forest Stewardship Council or FSC is an international non-profit dedicated to the management and sustainability of the world’s forests. ABSWood can provide FSC Ipe and other FSC products to help with your Leeds credits. We provide 100% FSC.

FSC certified bodies audit and monitor wood products from forest to your jobsite. This is done via a “Chain of Custody” on each transfer through the Supply Chain. Specifically, FSC can track every item back to its origin.

FSC or not FSC: FSC allows the consumer the option of choosing Ipe that has been sourced environmentally friendly, economically viable and socially responsible. The three pillars are associated with Sustainability of forests.

Why is FSC Important? The FSC Certification promotes positive governance globally to maintain Earth’s forests. Companies and Governments have banded together to monitor and maintain their forests. FSC plays an important role coordinating these efforts. FSC work is such that it is commonly associated with the term “well managed forests.” FSC works to promote Sustainability balancing ecological, economic and socio-cultural in forest management.

Look for the “check-mark and tree” logo (example above) when you need any FSC Ipe or FSC product.