Abaco Massaranduba (Brazilian Redwood) Decking

ABSWood carries Abaco Massaranduba decking in 5/4x6 sizes at prices comparable to 4/4x6 of other Brazilian decking. Massaranduba is a beautiful plum color.
Abaco is massaranduba that has been polished for added beauty

Massaranduba or Brazilian Redwood is ideal for using in decking due to being affordable, more weather resistant and more durable than comparable hardwoods. It’s striking plum coloring creates a beautiful and lasting look. ABS regularly carries Massaranduba in two sizes (see table below). If you need Massaranduba decking in different size for your project, please contact one of our experts for assistance.


Massaranduba Decking Specifications
Sometimes called Bulletwood or Brazilian Redwood, Massaranduba is an economical alternative to Ipe. It’s highly weather and insect resistant and can be polished to a high shine. It is very hard, but cuts well, and generally features a straight grain. If left unsealed, the wood will eventually lost its color, but the distinctive deep reds and browns can be maintained by sealing the wood periodically

Our Massaranduba decking is responsibly harvested from a managed forest to provide a truly renewable resource. Massaranduba trees grow well in many soils, and often grow to heights of 150 feet. The trunks of the trees have a wide, long bole allowing for a straight grain and less waste. Unlike man-made composite decking with similar weather and insect resistance, Massaranduba is naturally biodegradable and does not clog landfills

Massaranduba Decking Characteristics
The grain of the Massaranduba board is fine, smooth, and straight. It holds a polish well, and features a very smooth edge. It’s one of the finest products available for exterior decking in this price range.
Massaranduba Decking Color
The heartwood ranges from a rich plum to reddish-brown color. The sapwood tends to be slightly lighter, but blends with the colors of the heart wood. The wood will retain its strong colors when sealed properly. Unsealed wood will eventually turn silver.
Massaranduba Decking Hardness
Massaranduba’s Janka hardness is 3190 lbf, compared to the 1260 lbf rating of Red Oak. It has good shock resistance, flexibility and strength.
Massaranduba Decking Durability
Massaranduba wood is resistant to insect attack and decay, even when put in ground installations. Its grain is very dense, and is often used for other hard-use purposes besides decking, such as rail road ties, utility poles, and marine construction. It is one of the densest woods on the planet
Massaranduba Decking Preservation
Massaranduba is very easy to maintain, requiring virtually no effort once installed. If left alone, it naturally weathers to a beautiful, silver-gray. To maintain the original dark plum tone, a finisher with UV inhibitor applied periodically works bestt.

Abaco Decking

We also carry the Abaco line of Massaranduba decking products. Abaco is a high end decking product line made from only the best grade Massranduba wood. Extensive care and time is taken drying the wood and culling the boards for the straightest, finest grain possible. This means that less of the tree is used in the final product, but every board is of exceptional quality. Abaco decking products exhibit a greater resistance against warping and splitting than conventional the Massaranduba, which is impressive because Massaranduba is already a very high quality, reliable and economical decking material.

Massaranduba - Brazilian Readwood

Type Dimensions net Notes
Massaranduba Decking 1x6 3/4" x 5 1/2" Subject to availability
Massaranduba Decking 1x6 Grooved 3/4" x 5 1/2" Subject to availability
Massaranduba Decking 5/4x6 1" x 5 1/2" Subject to availability
Massaranduba Decking 5/4x6 Grooved 1" x 5 1/2" Subject to availability
Massaranduba T&G 1x6 3/4" x 5" face
Massaranduba T&G 5/4x6 1" x 5" face
Massaranduba 1x6 Shiplap 3/4" x 5" face
Massaranduba 5/4x6 Shiplap 1" x 5" face
Massaranduba 1x6 Rainscreen 3/4" x 5" face
All our decking is Premium grade, S4S and E4E