Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar

Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar is known for it “cedar chest” smell. Grown in the Eastern US it is not to be confused with Western Red Cedar from Vancouver. It is also not White Cedar from the Eastern US. It is closely related to the Juniper and has a scientific name of Juniperus Virginiana. Most trees are small and as such boards tend to be knotty.

Eastern Red Cedar Characteristics: Aromatic Cedar is easy to work. It glues well. It is usually left unfinished to preserve its aromatic sent. If need be, it finishes well.

Eastern Red Cedar uses: Aromatic cedar has a unique sent. It is commonly used in cedar chests and cedar closets to repel moths and insects.

Eastern Red Cedar Color: Reddish brown sometimes purplish brown. Sapwood is pale yellow and can be streaks though the heartwood.

Eastern Red Cedar Hardness: It has a Janka or hardness of 900lbs or half that of Oak.

Eastern Red Cedar Durability: Reputed to be excellent rot resistant and is used as a Ground Contact wood. It also resists insect attack.

Eastern Red Cedar Sustainability: It is not listed in CITES and is abundant.