Second Look at Cleaning and Refinishing

ipe-deck-after-cleaning This is just another photo montage of the power of Cleaning and Finishing products used on an Ipe Deck. We took another ipe deck whose owner allowed it to gray and rejuvenated it. You can see from the photos below that cleaner and finisher can really bring an ipe deck back to life

To see a complete “how to” go to the Ipe Cleaning and Finishing – Photo Journey

Great Job cleaning an Ipe Deck!

This is a small deck but it dramatizes the abilities of Ipe Cleaners and Deck Finishers.

Gray Ipe Decking close-up

This deck was very discolored, however, we were able to rejuvenate it with a little work.

Cleaned and "Finished" Ipe Deck

You can see that the owner of this deck will be proud to invite friends over.