Advanced Building Supplies now carries Hemlock.

Hemlock is clear softwood that we are bringing in to support our Cedar customer. Canadian Cedar pricing has doubled in the past year due the new Tariffs imposed by the US. As such, we searched and found a nice alternative.
Hemlock is like a cross between clear cedar and cypress. It is very clear like clear cedar but colored similar to cypress.

Hemlock Wood Specifications: Hemlock has yellow heartwood, a long grain and is clear. There are little if any knots. Vertical edge grain. Very consistent, little variation in color.

Hemlock Characteristics: Hemlock wood produces long lengths of timber with true, straight grain. Hemlock has nice grain and is easy to cut and work with common tools. Kiln Dried and can be easily stained.

Hemlock Wood Color: a pale yellowish brown or buff color. Sapwood may be lighter in than the Heartwood but there is little color variance overall.

Hemlock Wood Hardness: Cedar’s Janka rating is 500.

Hemlock Wood Durability: Hemlock is vulnerable to insects. It is somewhat decay resistant. It is easy to work with common hand tools.

Hemlock Green: Hemlock is strong and a renewable resource