Hard Maple

Maple is also known as Hard Maple, Sugar Maple, or Rock Maple. It is grown in the NE area of North America. When it is still a tree, it is tapped for Maple Syrup. The leaves have the autumn colors of yellow to red and are what we see on the Canadian Flag. This is Hard Maple not to be confused with Soft Maple.

Maple Characteristics: Easy to work with hand tools. It is also easy to machine. It is also easy to glue and finishes well. Readily accepts stains. It has a fairly straight tight grain but can be a little wavy. It has a clean even texture. The end grain is wide and distinct.

Maple Uses: Baseball bats, flooring, bowling alleys, cutting boards, turned objects.

Maple Color: Ranges from white to off white to cream to golden hue.

Maple Hardness: The Janka or standard hardness is 1450lb. An easier way to think of it is a hard as a baseball bat. That Louisville Slugger in your youth was probably Maple.

Maple Durability: It is hard but is attacked by insects.

Maple Sustainability: Maple is not on CITES as a Threatened Species.