Ipe, Garapa, Tigerwood,

and other Decking Plugs


Long planned and well thought out, Wood Plugs and Extreme™ Plugs from Deckwise™ provide ease of installation of any decking project.
The 3/8″ hardwood plugs complement any hidden fastener deck project.  The selection below provides for almost any decking wood color.   These tapered plugs fit snugly into your 3/8″ counter sink hole providing for a hidden look.

If Extreme holding power is needed, include Extreme™ plugs from Deckwise™.  These specially milled plugs with side ridges provide for a more reliable fit than conventional plugs.  Available in 3/8″, 10mm and 12mm we have a variety of sizes and woods to meet your needs.

Ipe PlugsIpe Plug

Your Deckwise™ plugs and Extreme™ plugs are stocked in the following sizes and species

Ipe, Tigerwood, Cumaru, Garapa, Massaranduba plugs

3/8" Plugs 100 pcs
3/8" Plugs 350 pcs
3/8" Plugs 1050 pcs
3/8" Plugs 1750 pcs
3/8" Extreme Plugs 100 pcs
3/8" Extreme Plugs 350 pcs
3/8" Extreme Plugs 1050 pcs
3/8" Extreme Plugs 1750 pcs
10mm Extreme Plugs 100 pcs
10mm  Extreme Plugs 350 pcs
10mm  Extreme Plugs 1050 pcs
10mm  Extreme Plugs 1750 pcs
12mm Extreme Plugs 100 pcs
12mm Extreme Plugs 350 pcs
12mm Extreme Plugs 1050 pcs
12mm Extreme Plugs 1750 pcs