Sapele Mahogany

Sapele (sah-peel-ee) is a beautiful russet brown grained wood from Africa. It is also known as Sapele Mahogany. Sapele is a member of the same family as Mahogany and frequently is a substitute. As Genuine Mahogany is now listed in CITES, Sapele Mahogany is used as a replacement. We have a huge inventory of Sapele in rough sawn form. We can sell it rough or mill it to your specifications.

Sapele Characteristics: It can be difficult to work as Sapele has an interlocking grain. This can lead to tearouts. When working, go slow and use sharp tools. Like Garapa, It can be discolored when in contact with Iron. It does have good glue adhesion and will finish nicely. Be sure to use carbide tools.

Sapele uses: You will find Sapele almost everywhere.From Boats to musical instruments. In homes it is in finish carpentry, veneers, and plywoods.You will also find it adorning nooks as small wood items. It is has a “cedar” sent when you are working with it.

Sapele Color: Heartwood is dark reddish to golden brown. Like many woods, it will darken with age. Sapele has a wide variety of different grain patterns prized by woodworkers.

Sapele Hardness: The Janka or standardized hardness is 1410 lb or a little harder than Oak.

Sapele Durability: It is moderately durable to insect pests and rot.

Sapele Sustainability: It is not listed in CITES.