Custom Milling

We have a millworks as part of our warehouse. To do basic milling such as Ipe edge groove, custom railing or smoothing Cedar we perform that work in house.

  • If you need more advanced milling, we have contracts with local millworks that can provide expensive milling. If you need a custom door or other special pattern, call us. We can probably provide it.
  • All millwork is pre-paid non-refundable
  • All millwork is pre-paid non-refundable
  • All millwork is custom quoted
  • Turn around time for Custom millwork is a minimum of two weeks, but could be longer depending upon the job.

Send us a Drawing of what you need. We will custom quote it for you.


We smooth and dress Cedar. If your Pergola or Custom Beam requires specific sizes call us. We can mill all your parts so that they fit each other.

Ipe Custom Milling

We mill Ipe Handrails and Subrails. We also make slats or special Ipe for benches. We mill for both Commercial and the homeowner. Call today for pricing and turn around time.

Example of Complex Ipe Milling

A large park was being built needing a lot of Ipe. Specifically, bridges, seating, pergola and so forth. Almost everything had custom milled sizes and angles. Each piece of Ipe in the benches was custom milled. The handrails were custom milled. Each rafter had unique angle components. Below is a story of just the rafters.