Hidden Fastners on Ipe Decking

There are many different types of Hidden Fasteners on the market today. The main goal when using hidden fasteners like the Ipe Clip is asthetics. You or your customer wants to eliminate the face screw look.

Brazilian Hardwood must be drilled.

Brazilian Hardwoods like Ipe, Cumaru and others are so dense and hard that you cannot just screw throught them like you can PT. If you have used PT in the past, you may be at a disadvantage. Any time you need to put a screw through Ipe you will have to pre-drill. (yes you will see this in a few places on the site)

Benefits of hidden fasteners

Hidden fasteners are definately for the high end deck builder. The hidden look removes all screw heads from the top of your Ipe Deck boards. You will not see any screws backing out or mushrooming. In addition, if you ever want to completely sand and refinish it is easy to do as you do not have to worry about screw heads being hit by the sanders.

Face Screws vs Hidden Fasteners

We review Face Screws on another page. The Hidden Fasteners are outlined below


Ipe Clip Extreme in various styles

The Ipe Clip company has been manufacturing Hidden Fasteners for many years. They presently have 3 styles in their “Extreme” series. The Ipe Clip Extreme clips are large, they have stainless steel inserts, and are wind rated. The Ipe Clip Extreme have various widths and colors. The clips set the width spacing. You can just pick the clip to match your gap spacing. The Original Extreme gaps at 3/32″ to the Extreme 4 at 5/32″ to the Extreme KD at 1/4″.

The kit includes the clips, screws, driver bits, drill bits, and some Ipe plugs. Everything you need to install 100 sq ft of 1×6 or 5/4×6 Decking on 16″ joist centers.

The big advantage of the Ipe Clip system is its wind rating. If you are in any area that is subject to high winds (Florida or many coastal areas have hurricanes) you need to seriously look at the Ipe Clip Extreme series of prducts.

The Ipe Clip extreme system0* is installed by drilling at a 45 degree angle through the bottom of the deck board. This both insures consistant spacing and helps hold down the board during wind storms.

Note: The Ipe Clip Extreme are installed totally from the top of the deck. This is important on high or low decks.

Note: Ipe Clip Extreme require a groove in the side of the deck board. Either you have to biscut joint the board or order it pre-grooved.


Grabber Deck Clips

The DC 175 Deck Clip by Grabber is square clip made from 6063T5 Marine Grade Aluminum. The clips are designed to screw directly into the joist with a stainless steel screw. These clips save time. The clips install faster as there is no pre-drilling required. Many of our contractors suggest using a sub-floor adhesive when using all hidden clips. The box includes enough clips for Ipe 100 sq feet of Ipe decking 1×6 or 5/4×6 on 16″ joist centers.

The Deck Clip’s unique shape is like a miniature spring keeping the deck boards tight. The unique design works with all types of hardwood decking, whether pre grooved or in biscuit jointer slots.

Grabber GW5 Deckclip

The GW5 Deck Clip is the latest Deck Clip technology from Grabber. The GW5™, unique design securely grips deck boards locking them in place. The base of the clips makes gaping boards easy creating an even 1/5th inch gap between boards.

Note: The Deck Clips are installed totally from the top of the deck. This is important on high or low decks.

Note: Ipe Clip Extreme require a groove in the side of the deck board. Either you have to biscut joint the board or order it pre-grooved.


Grabber Deck Masters

The Deck Master is a system that an angle that is installed from the bottom of the deck. No groove is needed and you screw up into the Ipe Deck board.

With Deckmaster all fastening is done either underneath the deck and by attaching to the sides of the joist. As in other hidden systems there are no exposed screws.

Grabber’s Deckmaster Fastening System is designed to hide all fasteners beneath the deck boards making the deck stronger and more durable.

With Deckmaster rust stains and splinters around fastener holes are eliminated because there are no exposed screws or nails.

Note: You need to be sure you have access below the deck. A deck too low and you are lying on the ground. A deck to high and you are using ladders or scaffolding.

Drill and Plug hidden fastener systems


THe Drill and Plug hidden systems are discussed on the face screw page.