Tatajuba Decking and Decks

Tatajuba wood is a close cousin of Ipe wood in its durability and lifespan. ABS has a very limited inventory of Tatajuba wood. Please contact us for our current availability, and our experts will be happy to assist you in finding the best wood for your project. We also carry a variety of comparable Brazilian hardwoods, including Ipe, Massaranduba, and Garapa.


Tatajuba Decking Characteristics
Tatajuba is an exotic Brazilian wood that is well known for its toughness, beauty and versatility. Due to these characteristics, it is commonly used to make everything from furniture to boats.

A unique feature of Tatajuba wood is that it naturally becomes slip-resistant over time. As the wood weathers, the grain raises slightly, providing more friction than other decking materials and preventing the wood from becoming slippery when wet.

Tatajuba Decking Color
Tatajuba wood is known for its exotic beauty above all else. When it is first installed, Tatajuba decking is a golden yellow hue. After a few months of basking in the sunlight, it undergoes a dramatic transformation, developing a deep russet brown hue. Over many years, the Tatajuba wood will become weathered and age into a silver color. For those who would prefer a more customized Tatajuba wood product it can be stained with a tinted finisher to give it a darker look.

Tatajuba Decking Hardness
In addition to being extremely tough, Tatajuba wood is also one of the hardest types of wood that you will come across. In fact, with a 2200 lbf hardness rating on the Janka scale, this exotic wood is able to easily outclass hard woods like Hard Maple (1450 lbf) and Oak (1360 lbf). This means that it can easily handle large amounts of weight and has a high level of shock resistance.

Tatajuba Decking Durability
Tatajuba wood is tougher than most woods. In fact, a well-made piece of Tatajuba furniture or decking seems to be made for the outdoors. A Tatajuba wood product will easily survive outdoors for at least a quarter of a century due to its natural resistance to rot, decay and insect infestations. All of that is without the help of wood preservatives.

Tatajuba Decking Preservation
Preservatives are not necessary with Tatajuba wood, but using a protective sealant to fight UV rays will keep its color for years of vibrant beauty.