Smart Bit (Smart-bit) pre-drill and Countersink System

The SMART-BIT ®/HEADCOTE ® System Demonstration (1:35) *

Headcote® 305 and 316 screws are a perfect complement to Brazilian hardwoods such as ipe, garapa, cumaru, tigerwood, and more. Headcote deck screws feature extra deep star drive recesses, Type 17 auger tips, trim heads and are available in both 305 and 316 stainless steel.

Smart-Bit® compatible: Headcote 305 and 316 screws match the profiles of Smart-Bit Pre-drilling and Countersinking Tools. The pro’s use this on Ipe and hardwoods that require pre-drilling for a finished look that is quick to achieve.


The Headcote and SMART-BIT ® system

Just look at this beautiful fastener for Ipe decking This system works with Ipe decking, garapa decking, tigerwood decking, cumaru decking, actually just about any Brazilian hardwood decking you can imagine


Overall Length

SMART-BIT ® makes a hole 1-1/8″ deep, including the depth of the countersink. It is general practice not to pre-drill the underlying (joist) material, as this is usually treated lumber and does not require pre-drilling. SMART-BIT ® provides sufficient depth for installing deck lumber up to 5/4″ nominal size.


Performance Tips

  • 1. Going into ipe deck wood, with only minimal rests between holes, we were able to get 300 to 500 holes per bit. Eventually the edges of any bit will get dull, causing heat to build up faster and finally causing the bit to break. When this happens, simply remove the old bit and replace it with a new one. The most important thing in extending the life of a SMART-BIT ® is to drill in a straight and stable fashion. Two-handed operation is highly recommended. In particular, drilling into ipe or similarly dense materials is hard work. Rest as needed and don’t sacrifice stability for speed. *
  • 2. You will know when the hole is completed when the collar stops spinning. *


Starborn Smart-Bit Product Features

  • Free-Spinning Stop Collar with O-ring : The Smart-Bit stop collar spins independent of the drill bit. Just drill till the collar stops.
  • Anti-Clog : The Smart-Bit debris cavity keeps waste clear of the countersink. Waste falls out after each hole is drilled. Yes it really works as we have used these a lot.
  • Powerbolic® High-Speed Drill Bit : The Smart-Bit bit has special fluting that drills twice as fast as standard wood bits
  • Countersink for Trim Head Screws : Smart-Bit matches diameter, angle and depth of Headcote Stainless screws.
  • Replaceable Bit : Two extra Bits are included along with 3/32” hex wrench.
  • Pre-set Shaft Length : Drill and countersink will complete a hole 1-1/8” deep for 5/4” Ipe.


The SMART-BIT ® Tool Packages

The SMART-BIT ® tool package contains one (1) complete tool, two (2) extra replacement bits and one (1) hex wrench.
The SMART-BIT ® replacement bits package contains five (5) replacement bits. Available sizes: