Grabber G6 Clip

Grabber G6 Deck Clip

The hidden deck fastener that requires no pre-drilling is the Grabber G6 that comes in standard packs of 175 clips with 10 extra screws per Box.

One box will fasten 100 square feet of 6″ decking on 16″ centers or 75 square feet on 12″centers. It also allows for the inevitable movement all deck wood experiences, as well as works with all types of hardwood Pre-Grooved or biscuit cut deck boards

DMG6CB Deck Pack 175 Grabber G6 Clips 185 screws 1 star drive bit – 100 sq ft on 16” centers.

DMG6BKS Bulk Bucket 875 Grabber G6 Clips 925 screws 1 star drive bit – 500 sq ft on 16” centers.

Deckmaster G6 deck clips have been engineered beyond the G5s already high standards. The Grabber G6 design features a stronger “4 wing” uni-body construction, 30% more steel, and 2000 hour GrabberGard® corrosion protection. The new Deckmaster G6 clips include a 30 year limited warranty.

The Grabber G6 works with 5/4×6 and 5/4×4 Ipe decking. The 1” Deck boards should be grooved 7/16” from the bottom with a 1/8” groove 5/8” deep, bottom leg should be relived 3/32.

  • Unibody design – Assures consistent spacing
  • Built-in Grip security – G6 clips securely grip deck boards to permanently lock them into place
  • Stronger “four wing” design – The strongest deck clip available with 30% more high-grade steel.
  • GrabberGard advanced corrosion protection – GrabberGard salt spray results ASTM B117 2,000 hours salt spray and 30 cycles Kesternich per DIN50018, no red rust.
  • 30 year limited warranty against manufacture defects