Black Walnut Decking

Walnut is a native North American wood. Grown from Ontario to North Florida it is primary grown in the Eastern US. In forests it is usually grows straight and tall and can reach 130 feet. It is very popular with woodworkers. It is dimensionally stable and shock resistant.

Brazilian Black Walnut Decking

Black Walnut Characteristics: Walnut has a deep brown color and straight grain. It is easily worked with modern tools. It is used in Furniture and cabinetry. You will also find Walnut in veneer, gunstocks, and turned items.

Black Walnut Color: The color is a golden brown. It will tend to darken with age but is still beautiful. If you do nothing to teak, it will weather to a silver hue. To maintain the color is easy with yearly maintenance.

Black Walnut Hardness: Walnut’s Janka or hardness is 1010lb. This is close to Oak.

Black Walnut Durability: It is a durable wood. It has high decay resistance.

Black Walnut Sustainability: Walnut is not on the CITES as a Threatened Species. It is wood so it unlike plastics and composites it will decompose after its useful life.

ABS Wood Stack of Black Walnut lumber