for Ipe, Garapa, Tigerwood, Cedar, Cypress and other Woods
Premium Grade Highest grade with no imperfections, knots, sapwood, or bug holes. All 4 sides smooth and no swirls characteristic with many species.
Select Grade High grade with fewest imperfections, and no knots or sapwood, an occasional bug hole, all 4 sides smooth allowing swirled grain in some boards.
We do not normally sell Select
Grades Purchasing Ipe Decking is for many a once in a lifetime purchase. We carry only the finest wood products for our customers. We know have quality and comply to all US and International laws including the Lacey Act which are designed to promote sustainability for our children and theirs.
Variance Wood is or was a living growing thing and as such has its own personality and characteristics such as varying grain patterns and colors. Small imperfections such as milling artifacts or quilting that can be easily sanded out will not be considered a defective product.
ACQ (MCQ) PT Pine today is AQC. ACQ is a water-based wood preservative that prevents decay from fungi and insects. ACQ is registered for use on: lumber, timbers, landscape ties, fence posts, marine pilings, decking, wood shingles, and other wood structures. ACQ is the replacement for CCA.
CCA Chromated copper arsenate (CCA) is a chemical wood preservative. Pressure treated wood containing CCA is no longer being produced for use in most residential settings, including decks and playsets. EPA information
KD Kiln Dried - The Process of drying wood in a controlled chamber until wood reaches a predetermined moisture content. Reduces Weight, Shrinkage, potential warping.
AD Air Dried - Historic method of drying wood.  USDA Forest Service .pdf
E4E Eased 4 Edges. All four corners are slightly rounded.
S4S Surfaced 4 Sides. is a finish which renders both faces and both edges planer-finished
RS Rough Sawn Board that may be rough vs a smooth finish. This is also the true size of a board, ie a 6x6 will be aproximately 6" x 6"
T&G Tongue and Grooved wood
Cupping Edges of a board reaching skyward such that the profile has a 'cup' shape. This is always a design issue where there is uneven humidity across the board. Usually the bottom is very humid and the top exposed to the sun very dry.
1x6 = 5 1/2" net width: LF = SF X 2.2 Example:220 linear feet = 100 sq ft
5" net width: LF = SF X 2.4
3.5" net width: LF = SF X 3.43
7" net width: LF = SF X 1.71
Shipping Costs We no longer have estimated shipping of Decking from our site. The constant change of fuel prices causes freight rates to vary weekly and almost daily. As the rates invariably were different than our published estimates we felt providing them was a disservice to our customers.
We do monitor 8 different freight lines to determine the best shipping rate for each destination. Since we ship daily we are able to provide the most attractive shipping rates available to our customers. With every quote we will provide a ballpark estimate for shipping. When you order, we then determine and provide accurate shipping and handling charges. While rates are important, even FREE shipping can not compensate for damaged product. We thoroughly crate our shipments handled by national freight carriers to prevent any damage during shipping from careless forklift operators. This is EXTREMELY important. Our product looks just as beautiful upon receipt as when it leaves our warehouse.
Shipping FAQ A quick read on our Shipping FAQ page that answers many questions we have heard from our customers.