Ipe vs Composite

Comparison of Composite Decking and Wood Decking

Brazilian Wood Decking: Brazilian wood decks have all the qualities you associate with beautiful wood. Unlike the “contractor grade” Pressure Treated Pine, Brazilian Hardwood Decking looks more beautiful than composite decking and will last indefinitely. When it is removed from service Real Wood Decking will decompose without become a long term environmental problem.

Brazilian hardwood is a renewable resource unlike composite decking made from plastic (oil products). There is a large variety of Brazilian hardwoods with different natural colors and grain patterns. Brazilian Hardwoods have a grain which provides natural tread to help prevent slipping. Unlike the Composite decking, Brazilian decking is easy to cut and install with standard tools. The highest tech tools needed for installation is using a drill and screws. Brazilian Hardwoods come in a large variety of lengths to reduce cost and waste. Brazilian Hardwood decks have a long lifespan that will add value to you home at resale. Composite and other deck materials actually devalue a home after they become five years old.

* Pricing was determined by a national consumer magazine in an article dated March 2010.

Searching the web we found the following information. While we believe the following is true, you need to do your own investigations on all products. ABSWood does not sell these products and the information is general in nature and should be verified prior to making any decision upon decking. The information was gathered via company websites and user groups. Prices change and should also be verified.

Trex’s 1 1/4-by-5 1/2-inch solid board contains equal parts sawdust and recycled polyethylene plastic.

Weatherbest is embossed with a faux wood-grain finish. This 1-by-5 1/2-inch plank contains pine dust and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Nexwood makes a 1 1/4-by-5 1/2-inch hollow-core tongue-and-groove product made from rice hulls and recycled HDPE.

ChoiceDek’s 1 1/4-by-5 1/2 inch board is a partially hollow product made from recycled polyethylene plastics and cedar.

Tendura’s 7/8-by-3 1/8-inch traditionally installed tongue-and-groove board is 60 percent recycled wood fibers and 40 percent recycled plastics (polypropylene).

Xtendex’s 1 1/4-by-5 1/2-inch plank is made of rice hulls, flax, and virgin HDPE. A clip hides screws.

E-Z Deck is made of fiberglass and polyester resins. The 1 1/2-by-5 7/8-inch planks snap onto a track that is screwed to the top of the joists.

Eon’s 1 1/2-by-5 1/2-inch board is made from recycled and virgin plastics and fastened down with a T-clip that fits into the side grooves.

Certainteed’s 1 1/2-by-5 1/2-inch board is 100 percent PVC. Strips running the length of each board slide over screws for a clean surface finish.

USPL’s 1 1/4-by-5-inch plank is 100 percent recycled plastic. It screws to joists through the side. Plastic spacers ensure uniform gaps.

Dream Deck 1 5/8-by-5 1/2-inch boards are 100 percent PVC and snap onto an inverted U-shaped track fastened to the framing.

Trex ®, VERANDA™ , Tendura, LP ® WeatherBest ® , Nexwood, fiberon ® , TimberTech ® , Xtendex, EverX, Certainteed Boardwalk ®, EZ-Deck ® , Dream ®Deck, Eon are all trademarks and owned by their various companies. ABSWood does not sell these products and the information is general in nature and should be verified prior to making any decision upon decking. The information was gathered via company websites and user groups. Prices change and should also be verified.

ipe decking
Brazilian Harwood Decking
composite decking
Composite Decking
Brazilian Deck
PT Pine
Price Wide variety of prices, sensitive to the price of oil. (Price: $300 to $720 per 100 square feet*) $.80 plf and up
Hardness 2 to 3 times as hard as Oak Composite decking Softens and often droops between joists after install. Shows scratches, which cannot be sanded out. Cannot be planed or resurfaced. The softest Brazilian decking is 5 times harder than pine.
Lifespan From 40 and up to 100 years (ipe') Most Guaranteed for 10 years short +/- 5 years
Environ-mental Bio-Degradable - renewable - recyclable. Requires no chemical treatment during manufacturing process and creates no hazardous refuse. Landfill clogging plastic and oil-based material that is not bio-degradable or recyclable. Chemically Treated left in Landfills
Lengths (waste) Lengths from 7' to 20' available Composite decking has limited lengths depending upon manufacturer (example 12' 14') Many lengths available
Acces-sories Complete line of matching railing lumber, post caps, lighting, balusters and much more. Designed to compliment the deck via the same manufacture but rarely are all needed railing parts stocked by supplier of Composite decking. Large variety of accessories, which require at least a 20% cull when available - must be ACQ compliant which add cost
Variety Many species, many colors Many manufactures, many choices, many un natural colors to choose from. Composite decking Suppliers rarely stock more than 2 or 3. No
Color Fastness Beautiful Colors - must periodically add UV Protection to reduce graying Will gray Will gray
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