Why build a deck?

Remember the mantra,
Decks: Enjoy it while you own and an asset when you sell.

Increase living space

Add outside what you cannot inside – Decking and decks today are not like that of yesteryear. In years past the “deck” as we know it did not exist. In Florida and many places in the south porches were all the rage. However, remember that the “Father of Cool,” Willis Carrier’s had not yet put an AC in every home. Instead of convience, the covered porch was where everyone went to eacape the heat. Decks now have all the creachers comforts. Decks today are Out Door Kitchens, Firepit conversation areas, Hot Tub retreats and Party places. Let’s explore these ideas and more.


Enhanced Value

No conversation about decks can not discuss the value it add to your home. Decks cost money. Part if this you understand that it is your use. However, to become an asset, your deck needs to look all but new when you sell. Pine Decks do not last. Composite decks are also an option but they have challenges that a simple Google search will reveal. Brazilian Hardwood decks provide many years of enjoyment with a minimum of maintenance. Also, for a deck to become an asset you need to plan not only how it looks but how it functions. How does it connect to your indoor areas? How is the foundation? What accessories like benches and focal points are included. How easy is it for access to the yard? Do not forget the surrounding areas. Does your deck have an overlook? Or, do you have neighbors that overlook you? All this needs to be planned for before you buy the first board.

Outdoor kitchens

Kitchens in the home are the focal points. Just think of any party or Thanksgiving dinner. Kitchens out of the home provide equally that focal point area. The difference is everyone is the chief at an outdoor kitchen. It just becomes a lot of fun. A simple island or an elaborate wall are equally at home on any deck depending upon its size. The differneces in Outdoor kitchens are they need to be rugged. You will see more stonework and heavier items. You need to remember when you build your deck that it will need a strong foundation below and solid decking. That is where Ipe Decking or any Brazilian Decking excels. Brazilian Decking is composed of some of the hardest, most dense wood in the world. For example, Ipe is three times as hard as oak.

Spas, Jacuzzi and Hot Tubs oh my

In the history of water spots on Decks, the Hot Tub is the oldest. Hot Tubs started as just a barrel or barrel tub to sit in. Then a major event happened and some jets were installed and we now had the Jacuzzi. That was then, this is now and we have spas with all type of jets, waterfalls, room for 5 (or more) people and eveything else you can imagine. All these products weight a lot, sometimes in the ton range. Your deck will need both good foundation and strong decking. Ipe or Brazilian Hardwood decking is perfect for this applicaiton due to its inherent strength.

Firepits or Fire Pits

Firepits can be as simple as a steel tub to as elaborage as a stone pit with steel insert and a gas line. One of the more amazing conversation pieces you can have is a water pit with a gas line that allows fire to dance atop the water. Again, your imagination is your limiting factor.