We ship via the most cost effective method. Brazilian decking is very heavy. For example, 1×6 decking weighs 4.4 lbs per square foot. To move such heavy items we must take care in who we allow to move our decking.

If anything unexpected happens, call Advanced Building Supplies immediately.

If your shipment is damaged or short, note it on the delivery receipt or bill of lading before signing and call ABS! Detailed answers are as follows.

LTL or Less than a Truck Load

Smaller shipments in the one to two ton range are usually shipped via a freight company.
Flatbed Hotshot Flatbed UPS USPS Truck

Hot Shot or Small Flatbed Trailer

With larger shipments the price of LTL gets too high and short range
flatbed trailer becomes both more economical. The small flatbed
trailer has a variety of advantages including

  • more control over delivery date and time,
  • direct delivery from our warehouse to your home,
  • easy access to neighborhoods and gated communities

Large Shipments

Greater than 20 tons we ship via a large flatbed truck (not shown)

Small Items

Small Items or accessories and samples are sometimes shipped
separately via USPS or UPS Ground
Will the delivery person unload my shipment for me? No! The delivery driver will not assist you in unloading your shipment.

All residential deliveries are curbside. You must have at least two people at the delivery location to unload your shipment.
What should I do when the shipment arrives?Check the following when the shipment arrives:

  • Strapped shipments, Verify the number of bundles and that they are intact
  • Check for damages
  • Verify the count of all materials
  • Note any discrepancies or damages on the delivery receipt or bill of lading
  • Sign the receipt

Is everything here? Check the packing slip. Verify the presence of all materials. We frequently send smaller accessories via UPS or USPS. However, some smaller materials may be packaged together within the crate. If the quantity is less than on your packing list, make a note on the delivery receipt or bill of lading to ensure proper compensation and correction of the order.

Sign the receipt. Once you have completed the inspection of the delivery and verified that no materials are damaged or missing, or you have noted any discrepancy or damage, you may sign the receipt.


Photos: If possible, take photos of the damage. Freight claims take months to resolve and involve many layers of management in the Freight Company. Photos of the damage can help win a case. (Yes, we know this from personal experience)

Note Damage on Proof of Delivery before signing: The only way to prove damage after the fact is to note it on the Proof of Delivery the driver needs you to sign.

Copy the Proof of Delivery (POD): Yes we have had unscruplous drivers scratch out the damage noted by our customers and claim it was fine. In that case, the customer’s survaliance system caught him. Most people do not have camera’s watchign the drivers. If at all possilble get a copy of the POD. If the driver does not have a copy, use your cell phone to take a picture of the POD.

If the damages are not noted at the time of the delivery, Advanced Building Supplies is not responsible for compensation and is unable to file a claim with the Freight Company. In such cases you will be responsible for filing a claim with the Freight company.

Missing Materials: If you find that something missing from the shipment, please make appropriate notes on the delivery receipt. Then call Advanced Building Supplies Immediately.

If your crates are unopened and items are missing call Advanced Building Supplies immediately.

Replacements and Damages: In cases where there is no obvious damages on the outside of the packaging. If you accept the shipment and sign for no damages or shortages, later discovering that there indeed are damages or shortages hidden from view, you must contact the delivering company within 48 hours of delivery to report it. Advanced Building Supplies cannot file any claims on your behalf after 24 hours.