Introducing Vanish Decking System

the Completely
Hidden Deck System!

Top and end views of the Vanish Decking System

ABS Woods is proud to offer the revolutionary Vanish Decking System. Vanish utilizes a decking profile that completely conceals the fasteners. Now you can bring your inside flooring look to outdoor spaces. We are excited to bring this new profile to your home.
More Attractive: With Vanish profile and fasteners there are no fasteners to see. This is not like other “hidden fastener” systems
Longer Lasting: Vanish fasteners are designed to allow for contraction and expansion while keeping your decking alignment for enduring appearance and performance
Stronger: Vanish fasteners are made from Stainless Steel.
Smarter: Vanish utilizes an exclusive clip-eclipsing wood profile that allow water to drain quickly, yet prevents small objects like earrings from falling between the decking
Safer: There are no screw heads. Your children can walk on Vanish without fear of catching their feet on a fastener
More Flexible: When it comes to Exterior home design, Vanish has no limits. You now can bring the sophisticated elegance of natural hardwood to terraces, pool decks, gardens, walkways, open-air kitchens and other outdoor living spaces.

Vanish Ipe Decking Details

Decking: Only 5/4 boards (5/4×6 or 5/4×4) boards are eligible for the Vanish profile.
Fasteners: The Vanish Decking System Fasteners are made from coated stainless steel, and are up to 3 times stronger than traditional plastic clips. In addition, the prevent rusting to further extend the life of your deck.
Alignment: Vanish Decking Systems fasteners are designed to allow for contraction and expansion while keeping the decking in alignment. This ensures unparalleled strength, stability, and beauty.
Profile: The vanish decking System utilizes a clip-eclipsing wood profile that completely conceals the fasteners system while still allowing water to drain. This profile also makes certain that small objects such as earrings or coins will not fall through the decking.
Summary: With no gaps or screws to detract from teh rich natural beauty of Iron Wood hardwood or to possible cause unwanted cracks and splinters, it’s clear that no decking solution available on the market today is more appealing to the eye or gentler on the bare feet than the Vanish Decking System.