Buy Cedar Wood Decking and Build the Perfect Deck in the USA

Cedar is a great wood to work with. This versatile wood is typically used for building furniture like foot lockers and chests, but it is a popular wood decking material, too. Cedar wood is a highly renewable and recyclable resource, making it an excellent alternative to Brazilian hardwoods if you are looking for an environmentally friendly material to build the perfect deck. Some suppliers of cedar wood decking ensure responsible harvesting from British Columbia’s managed forests, with only a one-third of a percentage of local cedar harvested annually. Cedar wood decking can be shipped directly to your job site or home in the US.

This type of wood can produce lengthy pieces of timber with straight and fine grain and a uniform texture, so they are easier to saw, cut, or nail. Cedar boards are typically resistant to splitting, which may occur on some types of wood due to the fasteners. Cedar wood is pitch-free, with heartwood that is naturally resistant to rotting. Its low density provides insulation that is far superior to what other similar species of wood can provide. Moreover, cedar is lightweight, easy to finish, and easy to work with while maintaining outstanding dimensional stability.

Cedar’s cream or light brown hue is attributed to the thin layer of sapwood on the surface. The heartwood is usually red or a deeper reddish brown with tight knots that give it some character. Cedar is rated 900 at the Janka scale, and while it lacks the hardness of ipe and denser hardwoods, it compensates with excellent structural stability and shock resistance. However, cedar is still considered a durable wood by various building codes in America. Hence, you can be confident with its durability when used for exterior applications, like deck building. Moreover, cedar does not require any preservative treatments. Its heartwood has naturally occurring substances that are toxic to decay-causing fungi.