Where to Get Classy, Elegant and Eye Appealing Decking Wood in the USA

When it comes to decking, nothing quite comes close to the elegance of real Brazilian hardwood. Some people are put off by the price, not realizing that it’s possible to get these classy materials at reasonable rates—you just have to know where to look. You don’t have to settle for composite decking when you can have the luxury of ipe. Here are some tips on getting the best value.

1. Look beyond the price. What’s truly important is longevity, especially if you are looking to enjoy your deck for many years.  It might be practical to install cheap composites if you are flipping the house or intend to live in it for less than five years, but if your house is for keeps, then it’s cheaper to invest in real Brazilian wood. Composite decking tends to soften and may even droop between joists after installation. They also show scratches very easily—and those scratches cannot be removed by sanding out. Composite decking can’t be resurfaced or planed, either.      You will never encounter these problems with super durable and elegant Brazilian decking wood.

2. Order online. If you order from a supplier with a fancy showroom, guess what? You are paying for the upkeep and rent of that fancy showroom. You will save so much more money buying from an online decking wood supplier.

3. How close are they to your construction site? Wood can be expensive to transport, so be sure to factor in delivery costs when shopping for decking wood. Buy from a supplier that lists your neighborhood as one of its service areas. They will typically offer cheaper delivery fees. If you order from across the county, be ready to shell out a lot of money for freight shipping.