Lush golden hues beneath your bare feet on a warm summer evening – is what every home owner harbors when they are planning to get an outdoor deck constructed. And it is only Grapa wood that can make this gold, shimmery dream of an outdoor deck come alive with style in your backyard. The warm golden tones of Grapa will make your outdoor deck an oasis of tranquility and comfort that you can enjoy whenever you like. Need more reasons? Here is why you should consider Grapa wood decking for your home:


Just like its Brazilian counterparts, Grapa too is an unbelievably hard wood that can easily surpass the common maple and oak varieties in terms of strength and resilience. Its hardness on the Janka scale is measured around 2280 lbf. It won’t buckle under pressure and will last you for many decades to come.


Considering how hard this wood type is, Grapa actually sits proud and keeps away termites and other wood destroying organisms as they lose in every attempt of eating away at the wood’s surface. Fungus, rot and decay also stay far away from this wood, making it perfect for use in outdoor decking installations.


Considering the natural resilience that Grapa possesses, you won’t have to worry about the care and maintenance of your backyard deck either. Plus, it is scratch resistant (due to the unique hardness characteristic that it possesses). Just a hearty coat of a UV blocking finisher is all that is required to keep Grapa decking in a condition as good as new.


Of course, the rich, golden hues of Grapa are one of the most important reasons why you would consider using it as a decking material for your property. Its honey yellow color with a subtle ribbon like aspect gives it a truly unique appeal for use in home installations.

What more can you ask for. Get Grapa wood decking for your backyard today!