Explore Cumaru Wood for Decking

Decking wood needs to meet dual requirements of durability and captivating appearance. Precisely one of the reasons why Cumaru wood is much sought after. With intrinsic qualities of hardwood that has weathered the Amazon climate and a battery of WDOs, coupled with graceful shades and grains, the Cumaru is a winner all the way, adorning decks. A formidable variety of wood among the famed Brazilian hardwood family, Cumaru has complemented homes with great charm and appeal. Let us take a close and informed look at the reasons for the soaring popularity of Cumaru as decking material.

Impressive scores in radial and tangenital testing for hardness

Originating from the Amazon rainforests, Cumaru wood has a very high rating on the Janka scale. This is primarily because the tree has evolved over generations to become harder and resilient to withstand constant attacks from insects and from the swings in climate.  This has rendered Cumaru wood strong and hard, making it one among the top Brazilian hardwood, which by itself is one of the finest globally. This quality when transferred to decking material makes it highly scratch resistant and extremely durable, easily lasting more than two decades.

Emphasized grains – with a standout quality that is endearing

One of the first observed qualities of wood are the grains. Cumaru has very distinct and special characteristics in grains. They are highlighted and stand out in a manner that is appealing. This distinct quality of Cumaru by itself increases the style quotient and lends an earthy charm to the decked space.

No warping, minimal maintenance

With high levels of dimensional stability, Cumaru wood does not warp over time. Perhaps the only maintenance that may be required will be the application of a UV blocking finisher to keep the wood from graying. This graying of the wood is natural and is common across all categories.  With good modulus of rupture, the wood is reliable and has a high threshold.  The natural resistance of Cumaru wood to all WDOs has made it one of the most durable and cost effective options for decking.

Among the top categories of deciduous trees popularly known as hardwood, Cumaru wood is the perfect foil to decking, which can lend a graceful contrast to dark shade handrails and posts. Executing the right design can very well turn the deck space into the most used location in homes.