Ipe Decking Wood – Give Your Deck a Facelift

There is near unanimity on how wood elevates decks with texture, grains and hue of nature. Decks have acquired an air of showpiece quality largely due to the visual grandeur of wood.  Ipe decking wood is a popular choice among home owners for a variety of reasons, including durability, appearance, and maintenance and refinishing advantages. Let us draw closer to the amazing features of Ipe wood that will give a timeless charm to your deck, enhancing the overall appearance of your home.

Ipe wood – hardwood that keeps going, naturally

The innate quality of Ipe wood keeps the decking long-lasting, without the need for chemicals. With a consistent hardness that outdoes most of the other varieties of wood, Ipe wood is ideal for use in surfaces that will be constantly exposed to harsh elements of nature.  Known in timber circles as Brazilian Walnut, Ipe wood is tough and extremely durable, will decompose naturally at the end of an amazingly long service.

Exquisite grains and colors to keep you riveted

The main attraction of wood is the grains and the texture. Ipe wood with naturally exquisite grains and texture has a fascinating attraction. Drawing an instant connect with nature, the hues, dark in most instances, are a beauty to behold. Conveying richness of the wood and texture, the dark shade commands respect. Also available in lighter shades and the rare red, Ipe wood is a perfectly natural combination for all design elements and colors.

Extremely and totally resistant to WDO

The number one factor that degrades wood are WDOs that are natural foes of wood.  Ipe wood is one among the few categories of hardwood that are naturally and totally resistant to all wood destroying organisms. With a hardness that makes it difficult for any WDO to inflict any kind of damage, Ipe wood does not require the use of chemicals to keep WDO at bay.  It combats all organisms naturally, whether as a tree or as lumber.

Ipe wood is ideal to adorn residences, and is the preferred choice for decking material. With widespread demand globally, this Brazilian hardwood is renowned both for its tough characteristics and for the stunning appearance it gives to finished surfaces. With minimal maintenance, such as a UV polisher to retain color, this is probably one of the best wood that will outlast most of the other belongings. A simple refinish will restore the naturally graying shade to its pristine original hue.