Things You Should Take Care of Before Installing Tigerwood Decking

Tigerwood offers a strong resemblance to Ipe wood in terms of the grains, but at a significantly lower price. Another winner from the stable of the rich Amazon forests, Tigerwood is a good choice for decking, offering great looks and is touted as one of the best options. Installation of decking needs to be taken up with proper care and it is not different in the case of this Brazilian hardwood. Here are a few points worth remembering prior to installation of Tigerwood decking.

Drying and acclimatization of wood at site of installation

It is necessary to leave the wood out in the open for a certain period of time to permit it to acclimatize to the conditions at the site of installation.  This permits the wood to stabilize in the midst of different humid conditions.  Regardless of the rugged nature of the wood that has battled the vagaries of nature in the Amazon forests, it is important that cut timber and boards are permitted to dry freely before installation.

Ventilation below the boards

While the surface of the decking receives adequate ventilation throughout its lifespan, the same cannot be said of the other side of the boards, i.e the underneath. It is equally important for all sides of the boards to receive proper ventilation.  This will prevent cupping of the boards and also ensure that the wood lasts longer. Prolonged exposure to damp conditions without free flow of air will result in deterioration of appearance of the decking.

Make allowances for shrinkage

All wood is likely to shrink over time as woods dry and season. This is an inevitable aspect of lumber. While the amount of shrinkage will vary marginally, it is possible to have a fair idea of the expected shrinkage area. Depending on the time of installation, the shrinkage may vary. For instance installation during winters will most likely bring about more shrinkage after the onset of summer. Therefore choose the space between boards with calculated care to enjoy greater visual appeal all through the year.