Features which make Garapa Wood Ideal for Decking Purpose

Substitutes do not exist for hardwood in decking. And Garapa is the natural choice when it comes to choice of wood for decking. It is not difficult to fathom the reasons behind the popular choice of Garapa for decking material. In addition to the stunning appearance that Garapa lends to decking, it comes with durability statistics difficult to ignore. Destined to outlive most other durables in a home, Garapa comes packed with natural features that make it a winner. Here are some of the many features of Garapa that make it popular.

Ranking on janka hardness scale

The gold standard of hardness, janka ratings indicate the hardness of wood. Scoring a phenomenal 2280 on the janka hardness scale,  Garapa is way above the Maple and Oak which come in at 1450 and 1360 respectively. The harder the wood, the more difficult it is for WDO to even get a grip on the wood. This makes it naturally resilient and extremely durable. Decking is intended to last long, and the need for the best quality is emphasized by the fact that objects placed outdoors stand exposed to not just the toughest conditions, but to rougher handling.

Easy to work and design

With the right tools it is possible to easily work on Garapa wood for decking.  Contrary to expectations that the hardness of the wood makes it a stubborn to design and concept rendition, it is easy to achieve the right designs. Tools exist, which are ideal for hardwood and are designed to get the very best results and effects out of hardwood.  Resistance to various activities needs to be of the right level, not too hard, neither too easy and Garapa scores high, offering just the right kind of resistance.

Fine grain for exquisite designs

Garapa, a native of the richest forests in South America, is loaded with fine rich grains that add an elegant look to the finished wood. Nothing can be more appealing than spending evenings on a deck with perfectly sawed and finished surfaces of the likes of Garapa wood.  The combination of color, texture and grains makes it a fine wood to feature on decking.