Cumaru Decking: Give Your Home a Classy Touch

Cumaru Wood offers an upscale and regal look to decking with the right shade and ideal density. This Brazilian Teak is a rage among many households for the rich and royal look it lends to decking spaces. With a natural resistance to WDO and a good rating on the janka hardness scale, Cumaru Wood offers great benefits during and after installation. The right designs can showcase and project a classic look to your outdoors with Cumaru. Learn more about the various options of Cumaru decking here.

Shades that portray class and a rich look

There are some shades that portray a rich and royal look. Cumaru wood possesses a naturally rich hue which lends your decking a sophisticated look. The exotic shades of medium tan and Cumaru reddish brown make it the perfect shade to give the cultured and royal look, especially in the evenings with the lights reflecting off the exquisite texture and grains of the Cumaru. The shadows of dusk that stretch into darkness will reveal the royal look of decking made with the trademark Cumaru color.

Mix and match design elements

Variety is indeed in the spice of life and a little innovation in design helps to improve and virtually transform appearances. Mixing and matching designs and concepts with different shades can change appearances with great impact. The use of borders, patterns, shapes and unique designs can turn the decking into a veritable showcase, with concepts that demand and receive attention.

The right stairway

Decking, by virtue of its elevation requires a stairway, and the choice of the right size of boards, designs and colors can offer a grand look to the decking.  For instance, stairways that are designed with contrasting colors and interesting designs can create a buildup of expectations as visitors cross the stairs. This can culminate in walking into a grand and exquisitely designed and executed decking space, complete with handrails and posts.

Cumaru wood offers individuals the options of designing a truly stunning and appealing decking that will last for as long as two decades with minimal maintenance.