Upholding Your Outdoor Living Space with the Garapa Wood Decking

When the choice of Garapa exists, other wood unfortunately do not stand a chance. This is because of the reputation earned by the wood for its qualities. Individuals and home builders who have used or dealt with Garapa wood will know the benefits of Garapa wood better. Here are a few standout features of Garapa that will help to make the choice of decking wood easy.

Nil maintenance requirements for Garapa wood

Garapa wood decking requires absolutely no maintenance. The need for special sealants and chemical treatments are dispensed, with the possible exception of retaining the nature shade of Garapa wood. Decks which are constantly exposed to the sun, transform into a beautiful russet honey yellow color. The application of a UV inhibitor will help the wood to stand the test of time and also ensure that the garapa deck does not develop a natural grey tint.

Ending the foray of wood destroying organisms

Wood destroying organisms do not get a chance to wreak havoc on Garapa wood. The naturally resistant wood, seals the duel even before insects and termites can begin. With a hardness that ranks high on the Janka hardness test. The harder the wood, the tougher it is for the marauding insects to sink their teeth into the wood.

Exquisite grains and patterns makes the wood more appealing

Garapa wood decking offers an exquisite combination of the right hues, grains and patterns.  The right design with a contrasting combination of dark borders inlaid in the decking can give an alluring appeal. Choice of the right shades of wood and incorporating the right designs by considering the grains and patterns will help to create an overall contemporary look hard to ignore.

Unaffected by swings of nature

The fury of nature can sometimes be shocking. Garapa wood has that intrinsic quality to remain unaffected by swings of nature. Designed by nature to withstand extreme climates, Garapa wood will retain the same look and appeal long after the harsh summers have ended or after a severe lashing by seasonal rains.