How to Choose the Best Decking Material for Any Purpose

Your deck should be one of the sturdiest and strongest structures in your property. Not only can a deck make your outdoor space suitable for entertaining and lounging—but it can also increase the value of your home, too. Choosing the right decking material should let you make a beautiful and elegant outdoor space that suits your location and lifestyle. These tips should help you choose the best decking material for any purpose:

  • Consider natural woods.

Ipe, Garapa, Massaranduba, and Cumaru are excellent alternatives to pressure-treated and composite wood. They do not require routine sanding, washing, sealing, and heavy-duty maintenance to last long. Some of these hardwoods require only deck oil to last long. Moreover, most of these woods have naturally occurring substances that can resist rotting and resist water.

  • Go for naturally durable decking materials.

Tropical hardwoods like ipe are dense and long-lasting, making them worthy investments for a durable deck that can stand the tests of time and the elements. Ipe is fire and scratch resistant, environmentally friendly, and low maintenance, too, with a service life that can exceed 50 years. It is easy to work with ipe, too, as long as you have the right tools and provide proper installation.

  • Tigerwood is an excellent choice if you are on a budget.

The naturally biodegradable decking material costs less than ipe, and as a bonus, it is a green alternative for every decking requirement. Use tigerwood solely or with Ipe railing. This wood gets its name from its appearance, which is typically yellow-brown or bronze, with irregular dark lines, like a tiger. It is close-grained, heavy, extremely hard, resistant to decay and insect attacks, and water resistant, and you can purchase it in large sizes. Tigerwood is easy to shape with the right tools, making it perfect for crafting an attractive deck.