Start Planning to Build a New Ipe Wood Deck even though It Is Winter

Even though it is winter, now is the time to start planning and preparing for your springtime projects, like building a new Ipe wood deck. You can start to create the sketch and drawing of the deck to your liking. You have plenty of time to modify the drawing and make changes, should you decide to make it bigger or add several layers.

Layering is where one section of the deck is raised up higher than other sections. For instance, you may have one open area where you access the deck from your home and place your patio furniture, a lower area off to the side where you want to install a hot tub, and a third section where you might place your grill or install an outdoor kitchenette or fireplace.

Once your drawing is completed, you can take measurements, as long as there is no snow on the ground, and start calculating how much Ipe wood to order. Normally, you use Ipe for the deck boards, stairs, and railings, while using another type of wood for the support posts, like cedar. You may also decide to use another kind of wood to complement the Ipe, such as Tigerwood.

Just remember to include all of the woods you intend to use in your calculations. If you need help figuring out the exact quantities and sizes to order, do not hesitate to contact your lumber supplier for help, like us, here at Advanced Building Supplies. You could place your order for your decking materials, wood, and supplies, and store them in your garage until spring, if you have the space, so you will be ready to start your project once it warms up.