Calculate Wood, Deck Clips, and Other Materials Required to Build Your Deck to Establish a Budget

Prior to getting started on a new deck project, you need to take the time to sit down and figure out a budget. Just like you have budgets at work for your projects, you need to establish one for your DIY projects at home. Setting a budget ensures you do not spend more than you intend on your project. Further, it helps to guarantee you are able to complete your project and not run out of money. Some people who do not take the time to perform this necessary step end up running out of money long before their deck has been completed. Instead of being able to enjoy their brand new deck, they have to wait until they get more money to complete the project.

In order to prepare a proper budget, you need to make a list of materials, parts, and items required to build and assemble your deck, including the wood, deck clips, screws, and any sealants. It should be pointed out that not all types of wood require using a protectant or sealant. For example, many Brazilian hardwoods have natural resistances to rot, decay, and insects, so you are not required to seal the boards. However, if you do not seal Brazilian hardwoods, they will change color over time, due to the UV rays of the sun. If you prefer the original color of your hardwood, then you need to use a UV protectant prior to installation.

In order to obtain an accurate materials list, you need to measure out the area where you intend to install your deck. Based upon these measurements, you can calculate the number of boards, deck clips, support posts, and so on, that are required. If you are having difficulties in coming up with an exact amount, do not hesitate to contact your local decking and wood supplier. They are often able to help you determine the required materials, as well as give you accurate costs for your budget, based upon your measurements.