Replace Your Existing Deck with New Cumaru Decking

Getting started on a new deck project requires the proper planning and preparation. One of the most common mistakes people make is starting this project without any real plan in place. They decide one day they want a new deck and proceed to rip out the old one. Then they head over to their local decking supplier and guess how much wood and materials are needed to build a new one. Not only does this increase the likelihood of purchasing the wrong materials and supplies, but also results in going over budget.

A better approach is to use your existing deck as a guideline for your new one. Since it is already in place, you should use it to your advantage by measuring the length, depth and height of it. Having these measurements helps you determine exactly what materials and supplies you need to purchase. Additionally, it is worth your time to inspect the existing support posts and framing. If they are still in decent shape, and level, there is no reason to remove them. However, you may want to reseal the wood before installing new Cumaru or other wood decking.

It cuts down on your expenses any time you are able to reuse part of your existing deck. Once you determine the materials and supplies required, you are able to prepare a budget based upon the type of wood you want to use, such as Cumaru decking. If you were able to reuse the support posts and frame, it also reduces the amount of time required to install and complete the new deck.