You Can Use Cedar Boards to Build Your Own Deck

There are five basic steps in order to complete a do-it-yourself deck building project. Each step is equally important, so you need to allocate the right amount of time, and not skip steps. Skipping steps could result in having to stop your project, backtrack, make corrections, and other delays in getting your brand new deck installed. In addition, there are costs associated with every step, depending upon the materials, equipment and supplies needed.

The first step is the most time-consuming because it not only includes planning your new deck, but also preparing the area where it will be installed. Initially you need to come up with a drawing or design plan for your new deck. The plan should include all aspects to the deck, including if it is going to be elevated off the ground, and have railings and stairways. Once you have your drawing completed, you need to take measurements to ensure you order plenty of materials to build your deck. You have several choices of wood available, including Cumaru, Brazilian teak and cedar, for your deck boards, support posts, railings and stairways.

To complete the first step of your do-it-yourself deck project, you have to prepare the area where the deck is going to be installed. This could involve removing grass, digging holes for the support posts, and adding flashing to your home to protect the siding and windows. Further, this step is when you order all of your building materials, supplies, and equipment, such as all of the cedar needed for deck boards, support posts, railings, stairways, beams, and joists. Once you receive those, you are able to install the support posts, and cut your joists and beams to get them ready to install.