Replace Worn Out Decking with a New Cumaru Deck

Replacing worn out decking on your home can be a fun and exciting do-it-yourself project, as long as you take the time to plan and organize the project ahead of time. Prior to removing your existing deck, you should decide if you want to keep the same size and shape. However, you do have the option to decide to build a bigger deck, too. You also need to decide what type of wood you want to use for your new decking, such as Cumaru. This decision is important, as you will need to take measurements to ensure you order plenty of decking, materials and other supplies to construct your new one.

If you are keeping your same deck size, all you need to do is take the existing measurements of the structure. Just remember that boards could have warped from exposure from the sun, so it is best to take measurements using the outside of the frame. Additionally, if the deck is elevated, you need to measure the current height of the support posts. In situations where you are going to build a larger deck, you should mark off the added area by using small wooden plant states and garden twine to help you obtain accurate measurements.

When selecting your new decking, remember several types, including Ipe and Cumaru, do require ventilation underneath. The deck does not have to be elevated much off of the ground, and, typically, a foot or two is all that is necessary. Just remember to verify the needed clearance prior to ordering your decking, supplies, and materials.