Replace Worn Out Decking with Fire and Weather Resistant Ipe Decking

When you are looking to replace your deck due to weathering, rot or decay, you have different choices of wood available. One option growing in popularity is to use Ipe decking. Ipe is a hardwood that is harvested from renewable Brazilian rainforests, and it may also be called Brazilian walnut.The reason it has grown in popularity has to do with the hardness of the wood and its ability to withstand insects, termites, mold, rot, weathering and fire resistance. This choice of decking varies in color, ranging from natural olive brown to black. Ipe wood might be finished with a clear UV protectant to retain the natural color, or you are able to allow the decking to naturally turn to a sliver gray as the wood ages. The texture varies from fine to medium, with the grain ranging from straight to irregular. As is common with all types of hardwoods, there are variations in grain and color which only add to the unique characteristics of this kind of wood.
Ipe wood is able to be used for both residential and commercial applications. Ipe decking is able to be used for a variety of projects, including finishing your deck, boat dock, around an above ground pool, or other areas where you want to install it. Because this type of wood has no added harmful chemicals, it can be safely used around water or your pool without any risk of contaminating the water. Your decking is able to be shipped directly to your home or jobsite.