Ipe Wood – Decking You Don’t Have To Replace For Your Lifetime

Many of you would be making plans to build new decks or renovate the old ones. But, the hardest thing about decking is choosing the right decking material, which is available in a number of options, including wood and synthetic materials. But you would want something that has an amazing strength, natural beauty, and extreme durability, wouldn’t you? That is what marks the best choice to Ipe wood – the decking that you don’t have to replace for your lifetime.

Learn why Ipe is a best choice among decking materials:

  • Strength: Ipe hardwood is addressed to be “tough as nails” by the Wall Street Journal because of it being one of the densest wood species. It is impervious to spoilage, so it has stable and highly mechanical quality.
  • Durability: it is eco-friendly and sustainable and naturally resistant to insects and mildew. It expands and contracts less than other materials and can last for 50 years or longer.
  • Cool surfaces: Ipe wood reflects heat rather than absorbing it and retains less heat than its plastic counterparts, which means it will stay cool in summer.
  • Low maintenance: Ipe wood’s structure guarantees that you don’t need to invest much time and energy in keeping up your deck. If you wish you can simply wash it annually with hydrogen peroxide based cleaner to remove grime and mold spores.

Consider it to be an elegant and low maintenance solution for your summer and fall oasis!