Brazilian Teak Decking – Choosing the Right One Makes All the Difference

Brazilian Teak Decking is also termed as Cumaru Decking, is the most exotic and ultra-low maintenance decking used worldwide. Decks that are crafted out of Brazilian Teak decking are commonly loved by people who value those special moments they spend in their backyard or patio or any other outdoor living area. No wonder Brazilian teak decking is one of the most preferred among homeowners, constructors and developers due to its amazing and unique benefits. But making the right choice is all that makes the difference. One wrong decision on color, type or strength can ruin your deck’s beauty and durability.

So while selecting one of the most reliable decking materials for your home, consider looking at some of the points below.

Gorgeous Look and feel

Installing Brazilian Teak decking gives a great visual appeal. Cumaru comes in a medium red-brown color, and is derived from the heart of the Cumaru tree very precisely. Rustic grade Cumaru is a rare one that offers a truly distinguished look to your home. Select the one that is better in color and grade, although clear grade is the most popular by far.

Robust and sturdy

Brazilian Teak Decking is nearly as hard as Ipe/Brazilian Walnut but far better than Red Oak and Santos Mahogany. Cumaru pulls in a 3540 rating on the Janka Hardness scale. This strength allows Brazilian Teak Decking to withstand heavy denting, traffic and scratching, making it robust and reliable for all your floorings.

Eventually, choosing the right one depending on the points discussed, like durability, strength, availability, colors and more will make your buy easy.