Cumaru Decking Delivers Superior Performance Outdoors

When you want to add some more space or character to your house, the first thing you would want to consider is the outdoor flooring, that is, the decking. As outdoor living is becoming a more popular trend, every house owner is beginning to add this feature to their homes. The housing market has left no stone unturned taking advantage of this trend by coming up with huge varieties of decking boards to satisfy the demands of customers. But when the talk is about exterior decking, Cumaru decking delivers superior performance outdoors.

What makes Cumaru wood so advanced?

Its advantages are plentiful, to begin with:

  • It is environment friendly as it is responsibly harvested from managed forests.
  • It is a low cost alternative to expensive dense wood – Ipe.
  • It is low maintenance and has a natural resistance to insects and decay.
  • It is reddish brown in color, which adds a vibrant tone to your exterior.
  • It is free of knots and splinters, and that is why it offers optimum performance when installed outdoors.

Cumaru fundamentally comes from South America, primarily from Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, and Guyana. It can be a great choice for your residential or commercial projects. However, if you want your Cumaru decking to last longer, just make sure that it is kiln dried. In fact, a kiln dried Cumaru is likely to be more stable and consistent than air dried Ipe.

Hope that helps! Have a happy summer.