Garapa Decking -That Will Last And Look Great

Ever thought of giving a contemporary touch to your outdoor decor within budgets? The best option is to choose Garapa hardwood. Also known as ‘Brazilian Ash’, it possesses qualities of high density and natural durability.  Reasons to choose Garapa decking

Garapa is premium quality hardwood that highlights pale yellow and vibrant golden brown shades. The bold hues with fine grains affordable cost are one among the many reasons to go with Garapa.  Garapa offers high resistance rate to fine splits, twisters, decay and fire as well. Due to its natural tannic acid contents and oiling, it is a great choice in the fight against termite attack.

Hardness of Garapa wood puts it on the leaderboard

Janka hardness is the most accurate attribute used to check the hardness of wood. Garapa’s janka hardness is around 1631, effectively meaning that Garapa is 26% harder than Red Oak. The bending strength of Garapa is around 12,000 PSI. Garapa decking is strong enough to hold the greater stretch with little or no bending. It actually offers a certain degree of bounce during movement on the Garapa Deck.

Requires minimal maintenance

Garapa wood is the easiest to maintain. Exposed to various natural elements, the Garapa wood acquires a pale silvery shade, dispensing with the need for a sealer. Garapa requires no chemical treatments, which actually is the primary reason for many to come forward in choosing it for decking material.  Garapa is naturally resistant to scratches and sanding all over its body. An added advantage of Garapa is the number of years of lifespan. It offers an astounding 30 plus years of lifespan without the need for any preservatives which is effectively, one of the most pocket friendly products.

The choice of Garapa wood for decking will eventually turn out to be one of the best choices. Mainly because of its affordability and reliability.  It adds a stunning look to the backyard and improves the overall appearance.  The shades can create many combinations under different lighting angles and be a feast for the eyes of viewers.