Ipe Wood: Decking that Adds an Element of Beauty to Your Home

The moniker “Ironwood” may sometimes portray it as wood that can only be used for limited purposes. However, Ipe wood, also known as Brazilian Walnut or Ironwood is actually one of the best materials that can go into furniture, either interior or exterior. Popular all over the world for its unrivaled durability and appearance, Ipe wood is a favorite in Europe, and Asia, not to mention the traditional markets in the U.S. Here is what you need to know about Ipe that can lift the beauty of your home.

Fights WDO without your assistance

You actually need not lift a finger about wood destroying organisms. Ipe wood faces the onslaught of one of the most diverse insect life in the South American forests, standing tall without a scratch. The characteristics of the Ipe wood remain the same even after they have been made into furniture, because of the hardness of wood. Therefore, you need not worry about insects or termites. The only maintenance would be the periodic cleaning to keep the grime and dust away from the wood, apart from polishing in the event of a need to maintain a particular color.

Dark brown shade for rich appearance

Wood that is naturally and elegantly dark in shade lend a touch of royalty to the finished furniture or decking. Ipe wood is brown, inching its way through the color spectrum to darker shades. This makes it wonderful to have as material for furniture. It would be the perfect complement to elegantly arranged spaces and décor. In combination with subdued lighting, Ipe wood can show project royalty in the décor. Over the years, the wood will mature to an appealing silk patina, which can of course be turned back with a layer of polish periodically.

Lasts long, and decomposes without a trace

One of the greatest advantages of Ipe wood is its long lasting quality. It will last really long and when it is time to dispose of the wood, it will settle into the earth totally without a trace. This natural decomposition is a huge fillip to conservation and ecology, by not impacting the soil with the introduction of composites that will reside for years.