Use Brazilian Walnut Decking To Put a Touch of Lavish Style to Your Outdoor Space

Brazilian walnut wood is a natural choice for its elegance and durability, for fabricating boardwalks, foot bridges and piers. Let us take a deep look at the important attributes of Brazilian Walnut decking in detail.

Decades of Solid performance – Brazilian walnut

Brazilian Walnut plays a vital role in decking and flooring industry and its lumber outlives other choices. Brazilian walnut contains natural tannic acid and oils that makes them highly resistant to decay, termite attack, and other voracious insects.  Another important aspect about the hardness of the wood is the heartwood. The best quality heartwood can enhance the sturdiness and is relatively more resilient to of the vagaries of nature. The most important aspect of Brazilian Walnut is its fire resistance. Janka scale rating is one of the standardized and acknowledged methods to check the hardness of wood. If the rating indicates near zero then the wood is very soft and completely unsuitable as a flooring material. Janka hardness of Brazilian Walnut is 3600 lbs which serves as the evidence of high ranking quality.

An extremely dense grained wood, it offers an appearance that is deep rich brown with a combination of red and tanned shades. When it is freshly milled it displays a colorful combination of shades. The grains on Brazilian walnut can be straight to irregular strokes. The intrinsic qualities of Brazilian walnut by itself improve the stylish look of the decked outdoor.

Proper maintenance to extend the lifespan

Though Brazilian walnut is recognized for its durability, routine maintenance is necessary to keep the deck beautiful and brand new. Water repellent wood preservative should be applied to protect the wood surface from weather and fine splits. Leading manufacturers promote oil-based penetrating stain for hardwood decking. Brazilian Walnut is one among the finest quality wood in timber industry. Globally, the demand for Brazilian Walnut is increasing steadily. It offers the chance to design and execute a perfect outdoor setting to enjoy and to impress visitors. The finish, the grain and the durability of the wood, makes it the ideal material for outdoor décor.