Why Doesn’t Ipe Decking Need Maintenance And Care?

Very few trees and wood are endowed with the qualities that Ipe wood exhibits. This is because of the intrinsic qualities of the wood. The diverse and extreme conditions that exist in the Amazon forests have conditioned most of the flora and fauna to be rugged. And Ipe wood is no exception. Out of the near endless list of climatic conditions and the onslaught of insects, Ipe wood has remained tall, unscathed by the relentless attacks. It is this condition which moves into the furniture made with Ipe. Read on to understand why Ipe requires no maintenance.

Wood so hard, it compares with concrete for fire resistance

The fire rating of Ipe wood is comparable with concrete. Rated A1, in the same category as concrete, Ipe finds its place mainly because of its hardness. The wood is extremely compact, making it difficult for fire to find fodder to burn. This hardness offers it qualities that dispenses with the need for regular maintenance and care.

High density makes its literally bite proof from bugs

The high density of the wood is like compacted wood. Scoring high on the Janka scale with 3680 reading, it literally takes the bite off the bugs. Insects find it impossible to even make headway through the outer layers. This hardness has a quality that makes it maintenance free. For instance, any floor made of other qualities of wood may find scratch marks if heavy objects are dragged across them. Whereas, in the case of Ipe, the surface is scratch resistant, and in the event of an exceptionally sharp object leaving marks, all it takes is a little sander to take off the scratch.

Freedom from preservatives

Ipe wood whether in the forests or in your home does not require preservatives. It takes care of itself, regardless of its location. With density and hardness of levels that compare with other artificial substances, it really is not a wonder that preservatives are not in need. The only requirement would be an UV polisher to help retain the dark brown color and prevent it from aging naturally to a silk patina.