A Cedar Wood Deck Project Starts with an Idea

Most people have a general idea in their mind about how they want their finished cedar wood deck to look once the project is completed. How you get your vision from an idea to a finished project starts with coming up with a plan. First, you need to ask yourself some simple questions, but avoid getting too overly concerned with every little detail at this early stage. For example, are you installing a brand new deck, adding onto an existing one, or making repairs?

The next process is to make time to sit down and start making sketches. You may want to take some pictures of the area, as well, and use these while working on your sketches to help keep your vision clear in your mind. In order to keep the process flowing along, it is recommended you pick and set a deadline to having something down on paper, napkin, or saved on your computer. It is not necessary to invest in deck design software to help create drawings for your new cedar wood deck. Most deck ideas are simple and straightforward, because they involve square or rectangular styles. If you prefer to use a computer application over paper, Google SketchUp is a great free app which is easy to use.

Once you have your drawing created, you can use this as reference and start taking the measurements where the deck is going to be located. You do not have to worry about trying to figure out how much decking to order, either. If you supply us with your drawing, along with accurate measurements, we are able to work with you to ensure you receive everything you need to complete your project.